Supa-Lite 35


Polished stainless steel tie rings and haynet ring. Up to 3 tack lockers with lights. One large locker on offside adjacent to horse area for easy access to tack and other equipment. Two tack lockers on nearside, one service cupboard with water container and horse shower, plus gas for cooker if required. The other a large area for extra equipment/saddles. Dog tie.

Supa-Lite 35 ExteriorSupa-Lite 35 ExteriorSupa-Lite 35 Exterior



All lighting is low energy consumption to protect battery life.

There is an isolator switch in the day living which switch cuts out energy consumption when you leave the box, so no coming back a week later to find the battery flat!! (We've all done it, so now you won't!)

High level lighting is stylish and makes the box easily seen.

Two way lighting switches (horse area/day living).