Supa-Lite 35


Built on a new or barely used Renault Master Chassis or equivalent, chosen as the most popular vehicle of its type in Europe, with proven reliability and a stable chassis, Your new BOSS box can be driven:

• Up to 70mph • Without VOSA Plating (MOT after 3 years old) • On a car licence • Economically (approx 30mpg) • Without a tachograph

Prices start at £19,999 (+VAT) and are dependant on model, chassis age, mileage and box specification.

With its unique styling and superior payload, the Supa-Lite 35 achieves its rugged durability through the use of advanced materials, skilled craftsmanship and excellent design, whilst remaining lightweight. It is truly the ultimate 3.5 tonne two horse horsebox.

The Supa-Lite 35 body is constructed entirely of super strong but light honeycomb panelling and aluminium which eliminates rot issues (widely used GRP and plywood are prone to rot and can harbour bacteria). The roomy interior can easily accommodate horses up to and above 17hands. Special construction methods mean no visible fixings from the outside for a smoother superior finish. All windows are powder coated and tinted. Top quality paint with two coat lacquered finish.

All Supa-Lite 35 Series boxes have either a 3 seat (35X) or 3/5 seat cab (35XS or 35XL), a light and roomy low-stress horse area and a day living.

There are three models:

1. Supa- Lite 35X  (familiarly known as "Stumpy")

This is our latest model and is built with a 3 seat cab on a slightly shorter chassis than our other models.

2. Supa-Lite 35XS

This model has a larger cab and can have either 3 seats in the front and a storage area behind, or Driver and passenger seat in the front and a bench seat behind with 3 seat belts. The horse area and living area have the same dimensions as the 35X

3. The Supa-Lite 35XL

With the same dimension as the XS in the cab and horse area, this model has extra length in the day living. Useful for extra storage and where more living space is useful, the 35XL handles just as easily as the XS

The dimensions of the horse area are the same in all three models


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